Friday, July 13, 2007

I forgot to say...

... while I was writing that blog earlier today I got an e-mail from a mate which said something like - "I've got a spare ticket to go and see Blondie playing at the Castle tonight. Do you want to go?"

To which I spluttered (or, as best as one can splutter via e-mail and a keyboard) "You mean like Blondie? Blondie as in Debbie Harry or, now, the 62 year old 'Deborah' Harry?".

"Hell yeah dude!

I had somewhat of a crush on her when I was a wee fella (along with a NZ singer called Sharon O'Neill) and hoped / imagined that my future wife would look like / be like 'Debbie Harry' (little did I know that decades later the closest thing I would have for a wife, would be a 3kg flat rectangular box of plastic & metal, made by 'Uncle Sony').

Now that it is raining outside (it is still 'summer' over here, of course) as I know first-hand having just come back in from a run, I've discovered that my friend, who is somewhat younger than I, is not so keen to go any more (the tickets were free, God knows how or why). But he ain't gonna get out of it that easily!

So, now, I'm quickly heating up something to eat, writing this blog and preparing to have a quick shower. I've already checked online with Ticketmaster and I can't take my good camera with me - let alone my zoom lens! So Mr Nokia N95, here's your big chance to be a hero and prove your worth. Let's see what snaps you can take of an elderly lady, from a distance and in the rain.

I'll post them over the weekend if it works!

Cool, I must admit I'm a pretty happy little bunny about all of this...


Blogger Phil said...

And people say Friday the 13th is unlucky.

3:03 pm  

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