Saturday, April 01, 2006

Saturday shopping list: buy Dettol

Well, the jolly good news of the day is that the sun has come out to play... which means this I was able to blast back onto the roads again.

The other not quite so good bit of news is that I've grafted another part of my body onto the pavement - again! This time it was my left elbow, which is somewhat in keeping with my previous left hip injury (see earlier entry). There were some extenuating circumstances, but, in reality, there was a lot more Fargonite in there than there should have been.

Upon initial purchase, I told myself to take it easy for 6 weeks before going 'hooning ' on my now not so shiny Widowmakers, which I've been generally keeping to. This agreement was made with due reverence to another youthful incident involving a sharp corner, a 750cc motorbike (suitably branded a Ninja) and that good ol' exuberant Gallah - traveling, this time, at 173kmph.

So, now I'm off to the shops to buy some Dettol and, on the way, I think I'll ponder buying some elbow pads... and, maybe, square-dancing - that sounds a nice & safe pastime...

I can really see, at the rate I'm going, that this is going to end up being a one-armed blog.


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