Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Phantastich, Schumacher Kommt Zurück!

That's got to be the best news I've heard in ages (obviously, there ain't been much good news in my life recently), Schumacher is going to make an extraordinary return to F1 to fill in for the injured Felipe Massa!

Wow, that is so cool and is really going to put a bit of spice back into F1. Think of the matchup's with Schumacher vs Hamilton,
Schumacher vs Alonso, Schumacher vs Button, Schumacher vs Vettel, amongst all the other stuff going on.

I never did see Schumacher race during his normal career and I'm already thinking about a wee trip to the Valencia for his first race and only one of the few European races he'll appear in. That'll be me & 80,000,000 Germans then...


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